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We knew it was coming, we didn’t know it would be this good

Noah Milton and Hugo Jones wank each other off at EnglishLads

Noah Milton and Hugo Jones wank each other off at EnglishLads

Wanna see a couple of straight guys wanking each other off and having a fucking hot time stroking each other’s dicks?

hugo-jones-noah-milton wanking each otherStraight mates wank each other offGallery Title: Straight Mates Noah & Hugo Cross that Barrier & Wank off each Others Hard Uncut Cocks!

click-for-moreclick-for-reviewSo I have to start this with a little bitching. The EnglishLads site has done it again and released a gallery with almost no promo pics to share at all. This pisses me off, I have to say. How the fuck am I supposed to get you guys clicking through to check it out when I have hardly anything to fucking show you?

All I can really do is try to impress upon you how fucking hot this gallery is and hope that’s enough to convince you to go and check it out.

The video for this one is gonna arrive in the next couple of weeks or so, and judging by the pics I’ve just been scrolling through it’s gonna be a very horny video too.

Hugo Jones (the handsome buff straight lad on the right) and his best mate Noah Milton have both been in their solo videos and made appearances in each other’s wank scenes already, but the boys are now breaking down some more barriers and grabbing each other for some mutual wanking in this new shoot.

Judging by those cheeky grins and the fact that both these straight mates are rock hard throughout it seems as though they had a whole lot of fun wanking each other off!

The gallery shows these two stroking each other, frotting their cocks together, slapping their hard dicks against each other in some sword fighting, then finally laying back and watching each other spew their cum out over themselves in a very messy finish that will no doubt have every one of us joining in.

Noah had such a good time he shot two cum loads with his best mate 🙂

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