Josh Hathaway – straight guy bottoms for young pup Chris Little!

Chris Little and Josh Hathaway at English LadsIt’s just a gallery at the moment, but you can bet your sweet arse the video for this pairing is going to have plenty of cocks pumping out some juice when it arrives! It’s a great fuck, one for all the fans of seeing straight guy bottoms taking a dick in their hole – and loving it.

Josh Hathaway and Chris Little at English Lads

Gallery Title: Naughty Straight Lad Chris Fucks Josh Hard and Cums All Over Him

click-for-reviewOkay, so when do we get to the point when I stop calling Josh Hathaway or Chris Little straight guys? I don’t know, to be honest. Let me be real truthful here and say that calling them straight gets the clicks, it gets attention, and it’s what they call themselves too. I can’t call them gay just because they share cock with each other, but I have a feeling there are a lot of you out there reading this almost breaking out in sweats over it lol

Whatever, I love seeing straight guy bottoms sharing their dick and arse with another dude, and it’s even hotter when you know that Josh started out entirely straight and believed that he would never do anything with a guy…

Then he sucked a dick. lol

This is what happens with so many straight guys though. They feel another cock and like it, they suck a guys dick and they enjoy it, they fuck a guy in the arse and discover it feels really good, and then they bottom, eventually, most of the time 🙂

Chris has done his fair share of getting fucked on the site, but he was a lot more playful and open about his cock curiosity when he started out, shameless in his groping of other boys dicks and then sucking them off without seemingly needing to be prompted. Josh took a little more coaxing, but look at him now with that cute boys boner firmly lodged up his rectum! lol

If you haven’t seen all the hardcore videos both of these guys have been in already you really need to get your arse in there and check it out. Trust me on this, you will be fapping yourself silly. Enjoy!

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  1. Jerome

    Love Chris Little. Not sure about the other guy. Everyone reading this needs to check out the first time Chris wanked another guys cock. That was funny to watch he was so energetic and nervous and turned on all at the same time, fucking adorable! lol

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