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Is Travis Clemence coming back for more?

If you follow our favorite site half as much as we do you’ll know that they often release their long “bonus” videos for a long-absent guy when he’s about to come back for more…

Is str8 rugby player Travis coming back for more cock play?

Video title: Bonus Video of Travis Clemence’s Photo Shoot – Rugby Stud Shows his Ripped Body & Big Uncut Cock!

Click for the gallery, scroll down for more pics, read our English Lads review

I could be totally wrong, of course, but I get the feeling we might be seeing a little more of handsome straight jock dude Travis Clemence now that they’ve given us this horny session of wanking with the guy.

It’s been a long time since his one and only jack off video was released, and although we thought we would at least see him rubbing dicks with one of their other guys he just vanished after that solo.

I’m hoping the release of this new video, shot during his very first photo shoot, might be a sign that he’s ready to come back and frot cocks with one of their other guys.

I was actually surprised that we only got one cum load from him, considering he’s a rugby player, and we all know what they’re like when it comes to getting their dicks out for the lads! 🙂

Check out some pics and click through for his new jack off session, you’re gonna be busting a load out with him by the end of it!

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