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Friends wanking out some big loads, are they a little curious?

We’re used to seeing a couple of horny straight lads wanking together on video, but most of the time they end up grabbing each other by the dick and helping out a buddy with their load. For these guys it’s all about rubbing their own as these friends wank out their juices.

two straight boys enjoy a wank on videoVideo title: Jack Ashton and Casias Bradley Wank Their Big Uncut Cocks and Shoot Massive Cum Shots!

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This video actually takes me back to those early days of wanking off with my best friend over his stolen porn mags. It was all pretty innocent, but seeing our dicks being enjoyed like that and watching each other firing off our cum loads was really pretty hot. I used to really look forward to going over to his place knowing that we would be spending a lot of the time stroking our dicks and I would get to see his big uncut cock squirting. Eventually we moved on to wanking each other off.

If you know anything about the English Lads site then you know that this video with a couple of horny friends wanking out their cum together is a little unusual. Most of the time their duo wanks on the site involve a whole lot of cock rubbing, frotting, mutual stroking and sword fighting before the lads finally shoot off their cum, but for these two guys it’s a lot more basic than that.

I think that’s probably down to Jack Ashton. He’s the handsome and fit lad on the right, the one who we last saw being wanked off in a massage and helping hand session. I get the feeling he’s been a tough nut to crack, so to speak. He’s been in several solo sessions, and even fucked himself in the ass with toys to get that cum splashing, but he really seems reluctant to go near another lad’s dick. It’s actually really unusual to see one of their straight boys being so reluctant to try mutual masturbation, most of the guys there seem to be eager to get those dicks out and make contact with another lad for the first time.

Casias Bradley is one of those boys. He started out in April last year with a solo, then tried some anal toy play, then got his cock wanked by another guy, and for the next video after that he was grabbing another cock and having a great time beating dicks with one of the other new straight boys. The last time we saw him was in November, kicking back with Joel Jenkins and having a lot of dick fun.

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So, for this one it’s pretty straightforward. The boys get their 8″ uncut cocks out, swinging them around and showing off, wanking themselves, flashing those virgin butt holes and then finally shooting off their splashing cum loads, erupting big sticky streams of semen all over themselves and making a damn hot mess. One of the best things about a shared wank session like this is seeing how they interact with each other. You can tell there’s a lot of secret comparison going on, just like most guys do when they get their dicks out in the locker room or the men’s room. For some reason I love that in an innocent session like this one.

Will we see Jack ever touching another guy’s cock? I don’t know. He seems pretty uptight about it all and not really anywhere near as willing as so many of the other straight lads are there. It would be a shame if he doesn’t, I think he would probably discover that it’s a lot of fun playing with another lad’s meat.

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