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Extra fun with uncut British muscle lad Wesley Seaton

Yeah, it’s been a little while since we last saw this handsome straight and uncut British muscle lad sharing his dick with other guys, but this bonus video is a good opportunity to get a little more of him, and for me to share him on the blog again!

two straight guys wanking each other on video

Wesley Seaton agreed to have his cock wanked by another guy on video, but when Cameron Donald gets his own uncut cock out he can’t resist wanking him off too!

Video title: Bonus Video of Wesley’s Photo Shoot – Big Muscles, Rock Hard Uncut Cock! Prime beef!

Click to visit and watch videos For the bonus we get some extra footage of handsome and fit blond muscle guy Wesley Seaton getting his cock out for the first time on camera and wanking himself off to get a juicy load of cum splashing out.

When he started out in this solo he was new to it all and he’d only just turned 20. But, being a Rugby playing dude, he had all the confidence needed and he didn’t have any problem at all getting his 7.5″ uncut cock out for the lads and wanking one out.

You know what those Rugby playing guys are like, they just don’t seem to give a crap when it comes to showing off their dick. Wesley was very much the same, getting his pink uncut meat hard pretty quickly and showing it all off for the guys.

He even flashed his tight virginal hole for the lads too, teasing us with it and making me think he might be down for exploring a little more.

Laying back and stroking his cock he splashes out a hot mess of straight lad ball juice on his abs and makes all of us do the same.

Of course, he did come back after that, and he had some more great experiences, so I guess I should make the most of this post and show you some of that too!

Click to visit and watch videosThree months after giving us his first solo wank video he came back for a little more fun and agreed to let one of the other straight lads stroke the cum from his cock for him in a massage.

I fucking love (and I mean LOVE) these videos. The sight of a couple of straight guys enjoying some dick together always gets me cumming.

Experienced boy Cameron Donald was the lucky one getting to explore that muscled body for the handsome guy, rubbing his chest and abs, stroking his smooth jock ass with lube, turning him over and grabbing that hooded cock to wank him off.

Things get even hotter when our straight muscle lad decides that Cameron is having too much fun and he needs to catch up, he reaches out and grabs Cameron’s cock to wank him off too!

Yeah, it was supposed to be a massage and jerk off for the muscle boy, but when that long dick was out and there for the groping he couldn’t resist grabbing hold and giving his new buddy some stroking too.

That’s his horny Rugby player side coming out of him I reckon.

4 straight guys wanking and sucking cocks

Wesley Seaton agreed to a shared wank session, which soon became a mutual wanking, cock sucking and dick frotting scene with fellow straight guys Tyler Hirst, Aaron Janes and Cameron Donald

Click to visit and watch videosHis last video before disappearing from the site was his best yet. After wanking one out in his debut solo and coming back to share some mutual wanking with Cameron, Wesley got himself into a four-dude cock play session with former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst, hunky straight jock dude Aaron Janes, and his new wank buddy Cameron Donald.

The theme for this one was pretty odd, with the boys all standing around in their underwear having what seems like an art class. Hey, I love to paint and draw so I kind of appreciate the injection of arts into the mix, but let’s be honest and admit that we’re here for the cock.

Perhaps predictably it’s muscled marine dude Tyler who gets the fun started with some cock play. He’s always a bit of an instigator and although he started out totally straight but willing to play he really seemed to get into wanking other guys dicks and sucking cock with the boys.

Pretty soon all the guys are butt naked and either wanking themselves off, wanking one of their mates or sucking cock. Tyler and Cameron, being the most experienced, are the ones sucking on all those dicks around them, but there’s a whole lot of mutual wanking and cock frotting between all the lads as they just enjoy a good long session of manly meat play.

I have to say that this was one of my favorite videos. They’ve had some great group jerk off and cock sucking sessions on the site over the years, but seeing these straight guys all enjoying their dicks together, grabbing each other, stroking those foreskins back and forth over their helmets and making each other drip precum until their jizz shots are ready is one of the most simple treats you can get from a site like this one.

Finally it all becomes too much for the guys and they gather around the glass table, all stroking their dicks, watching each other’s cocks being pleasured, building up to the climax and, one by one, splashing their heavy cum loads out over the glass.

That’s another thing that makes videos like this one so hot, watching the guys appreciating the sight of another cock erupting cum right there in front of them, and seeing it get them extra hard and ready to shoot too, it’s one of the best things about straight guy group sessions like this one.

So there you have it guys, the entire history of Wesley Seaton on the Englishlads site. He’s definitely one of the sexiest guys and watching him enjoying his uncut cock with the other lads there was great.

If he ever decides to come back and wank out some more loads with the lads you can bet I’m gonna be there to enjoy it, and sharing it here on the blog.


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