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Extra fun with straight boys mutual wanking

I don’t often give you guys the bonus videos they put up on the site, but when it comes to these straight boys mutual wanking and having so much fun I knew that you guys would appreciate seeing them again. Check out their first time enjoying those dicks together.

teo straight guys in a mutual wanking videoVideo Title: Bonus Video of John Anderson’s Photo Shoot – Young Straight Footballer Gets 1st Man Wank from Cameron Donald!

Click through for the video, scroll down for pics, read my English Lads review

I know what you’re thinking, “bonus” video sounds like a rip off and that maybe it’s not that good. Well, you would be wrong, especially if you get off on seeing new guys grabbing another cock for the first time.

John Anderson is the guy on the right in the top pic, the horny straight boy with a 7-inch uncut cock and a load of cum in his balls, looking to get a little help with things. This is his first time doing anything with another lad, and he’s got a good buddy to teach him in fit young jock Cameron Donald.

If you don’t know Cameron and his 7-inch uncut dick, we’ve seen a lot of him over the last few years, going from a solo wank to sharing some mutual jerking to being sucked and sucking cock… he’s fucked, and I think he’s been fucked too. He’s done it all and he’s learned that sharing cock with another lad can be an incredibly fun experience.

He starts out giving his new buddy a massage, but when he gets access to that uncut dick he grabs it and starts sliding John’s foreskin back and forth over that swollen tip. He’s loving it, of course, no straight guy can turn down the chance to be wanked off. But can he deal with being sucked by his new friend? Of course!

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Cameron worships that delicious cock, sucking John and showing him how much pleasure another guy’s mouth can deliver.

It seems to do the trick for John, he’s soon grabbing Cameron by the cock and getting his first experience of touching another guy’s meat. He really seems to like it too, no shock there. As the guys grab their dicks and rub them together, slapping their hard boners against each other and wanking their dicks length-ways in an awesome frotting session we know that their cum loads aren’t far away.

You’re gonna love the look on John’s face as he shoots off his cum and then grabs Cameron’s dick to wank him off some more too.

The thing that makes these bonus videos a great addition to the originals is that you get to see little moments they cut out of the first one, like the fooling around and the nervousness, the way they look at each other’s cocks when they think no one is watching, the way their own dick twitches and bounces as they stare at that other dick right in front of them. I think that’s pretty hot to watch and it strips away the orchestrated feel of a duo.

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Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this mutual cock play video, and click through to watch it!

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