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    MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1Are you ready to watch a really sexy College Dude revealing his thick headed cock for the first time on video and stroke it off for the boys? Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.

    Virgil Maro is totally new to sharing his delicious dick with the world, but after seeing him enjoying that fat headed boner and unloading his balls for the guys I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see him.

    As soon as I saw his handsome face on the updates I was clicking through to watch him playing with that cock and showing off his hot little ass, and I was impressed with his debut. So impressed that I had to share it on the blog with you guys.

    He has a natural body and an amazing boner, one of those cocks with a really fat helmet on it, the kind of head you could really worship and service for a long time. That’s one of the things I would love to see him come back for, can you imagine him laying back and letting one of the other guys lick him like a lollipop until he squirts? 🙂

    He’s gorgeous, and just the kind of young hottie I love to see in action. I’m wondering if he’ll be back soon to share that dick with another of the hot guys there. Who am I kidding? Of course he will! And I can’t fucking wait to see him feeding that swollen dick to another guy!

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