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Straight top Bronson fucks another raw ass and does a great job!

We knew this handsome hunk would be back for more after sharing some cock sucking and getting his first bareback man hole in his last video. He’s been willing to explore a lot more and watching him become such a hot straight top has been awesome so far. Check him out making his new bottom buddy explode!

Video title: Bronson & Timmy RAW

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Bronson is one of the most handsome straight guys they’ve ever had on the site in my opinion. Everything about this guy is damn fine, from his gorgeous face to his hot body and that stiff jock cock. He’s had some fun in a couple of videos before this, most notably being sucked and frotting his cock against another dude’s meat for the first time, then coming back to suck a dick and fuck his first guy.

I wasn’t sure he would be back again after that. He looked like he had a good time but it seemed that he needed a little coaxing to get there and I wondered if it might have been his last scene for the site.

Well, I’m glad to say that he’s back, and looking very happy to be getting so much attention from hung Timmy.

It starts out with a massage, with Timmy working his straight guy ass and showing him how good some rimming can be. It seems to do the trick!

Soon enough he’s rock hard and being sucked by Timmy, a guy who knows how to service a good dick.

With his own cock drooling he gets a taste of Timmy’s massive dick, and it looks like he’s enjoying that too. Could it be that this straight top has discovered that he likes some cock?

He definitely likes some ass. After a little friendly cock-on-cock frotting (something Bronson really seems to like) he sinks his stiff inches into Timmy and gets down to the business of bareback fucking that hot hole.

The sight of him grabbing that big cock and wanking Tommy off while he slides in and out of his hole is almost enough to have my cock splashing out a big load, but I’m glad I held back.

Bronson fucks that ass at the edge of the bed and Timmy strokes himself to a massive splashing cum load that hits him in the face and rains down all over! Bronson is impressed by the sight of all that semen gushing out everywhere and it’s a matter of moments before it leads to him gushing his own hot man milk out and breeding his new buddy.

Check out the video on the site and let me know in the comments what you think of Bronson, isn’t he fucking hot?

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