I love seeing a straight guy sucked and made to cum by another dude for the first time!

Just yesterday I said that he would be back for a gay cock servicing. I thought it might be a mutual session in a massage, but they’ve given us an edge video! I do love seeing a straight guy sucked by a dude for the first time.

straight guy edging videoVideo title: Ash & Sean Peyton Edge

Click to visit and watch videosYes, I thought Ash would be back to share that sexy straight guy dick with one of the other guys, but seeing as they’ve been a little lacking in the Edge videos for a while now (the last one was back in February) I really wasn’t expecting to see this straight guy being blindfolded, stroked and sucked to a cum load in one of these really hot scenes.

Thanks ChaosMen, can we have more of these Edge videos with jerking, frotting and cock sucking, please?

straight jock jacking offHonestly, if you love seeing a straight guy sucked, getting their dick well and truly worshiped by a talented mouth and made to spew a hot load out with the kind of intensity they haven’t experienced before, you need to check this out.

Hairy gay dude Sean Peyton is the one getting the opportunity to show this straight guy what he’s been missing, and he does a really good job of it too.

Ash had apparently said that he was willing to do more on video, but that he wasn’t yet ready to reciprocate. I can kind of get it, and it supports my thought that when he said before that he’d done something with a dude in the past it was only a hand job.

So, for the moment we get a great session of cock play as Peyton makes him hard, makes his dick drool, licks and sucks him, and finally strokes him off to a very messy cum splashing finish.

Ash really had a good time getting his dick treated to a session like that, and when he finally got out of the chair having spent his load he said he was ready to try a little more with other guys.

Now, I might be reading a little into it, but I’m guessing Ash saw some of the Edge videos and expected to feel another cock against his, a little taste of a dick for the first time, a mutual cock play leading to them both exploding. That’s what’s happened in the past.

So I guess he might have thought there would be some cock in it for him to try, while Bryan (director) thought he was only going to be into receiving.

I guess we’ll see what happens. After seeing this straight guy sucked for the first time and really enjoying it, I’m sticking by me belief that we’ll see him grabbing another dick while he gets blown soon.

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