New dude Bronson is going to be an interesting straight jock to watch

Check out one of the latest new arrivals, a handsome and buff straight jock who loves to stroke his cock and pump his loads out several times a day.

handsome straight jock Bronson at ChaosmenVideo title: Bronson Solo

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His name is Bronson and he’s brand new to gay porn, but he’s definitely not new to getting his cock out and showing off.

He’s a very horny guy. I thought I wanked a lot, but this guy needs to bust his cum out three times a day to keep himself happy. I’m guessing he gets a lot of action outside of that too, looking the way he does.

I don’t think he’s short of girls to share that dick with, but he’s an avid wanker who still needs his alone time.

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Having said that, I’m guessing not all his masturbation sessions have been solo. Something about this guy tells me he might have had a few friendly wanks with other dudes in the past. I don’t see how you can be that into jerking off every day and not have shared the experience with a friend or two.

We know about one experience he had, posing as a nude model for an art class. Apparently things got a little crazy in that one and he was so turned on he got hard, jerked off in front of everyone and splashed his load out.

I studied art years ago, I had to paint nude models in a room full of other students with a hot naked guy in front of us, and I can’t imagine how something like that happens. But, I guess it might have been a little less formal and professional than most art classes!

I’m hoping we get to find out a little more about his experiences in the future. For now we get to see him stroking his hard cock, flashing his hot little straight jock ass, then shooting off a messy cum load when he finally can’t take any more jerking.

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  4. Aaron95

    I love Bronson! He’s one of the best new guys they have there and his latest video with him wanking another dick and getting his meat sucked by Wright is so hot! I think he’s gonna be back to suck a dick and top another guy soon and I can’t wait to see that one too. I recommend everyone click through to the site and watch him he’s amazing!


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