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Lincoln is the latest straight guy sucked by lucky Noah Riley!

Lincoln edged at Chaos MenDamn! How the fuck do I get a job like that!? Noah Riley is back, and he’s been given another hottie to blow with Lincoln. I love seeing a straight guy sucked, and although this isn’t his first time on the site (he performed a great jack off and then came back to be fingered and sucked off by Ransom in February) this is the first time he’s had that cock edged.

MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1The first thing I need to say about Lincoln is that he obviously has some great balls on him. I love a guy with low hangers like those, and they look so full with cum and ready to be emptied too. I have a mate who has a big pair of nuts swinging from him, and they always look ready to be drained too – unfortunately he’s straight and won’t let me suck him off or stroke him, damn cock tease! lol

Lincoln is about to get a great experience in the talented hands and mouth of Noah though, tied (lightly) to the chair and then blindfolded, his cock is worked up and lick, sucked and stroked, made to drool precum as his balls gradually pull up tighter.

If you’ve ever sucked a guy like this and edged their cock you know that it really is an art form, to make it last you have to be able to read their dick and know when to slow down or stop, and Noah seems to have great instinct for it. He makes this last, encouraging that straight guy to build up a big cum load in his cock for squirting out.

When Noah finally takes him there and lets that cum fly it’s such a hot load too, you can see the climax rush through Lincoln’s body and you know he’s never had such an amazing orgasm before.

If there are any straight guys out there reading this (and I have a feeling there probably are) you need to know that guys can handle your cock better than any chick, it’s a matter of fact. No woman is ever likely to be able to bring you off like this. You should try it some time!

They have a lot of straight guy sucked videos on there, servicing of big inexperienced dicks, so if you feel inclined you should click through and check those out. Some of the ones with Ransom are the best, with him getting his cock played with and gobbled by the horny straight guy being edged too!

Lincoln sucked by Noah Riley at Chaos MenMORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1

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  1. DickDudley

    I love cock edging videos but this could have been better in my opinion. I think they should have stuck with Ransom doing the sucking of their straight guys. Noah Riley is okay, but he’s no Ransom. Nice cum facial at the end though!

    1. Dick (Post author)

      I’m not sure to be honest. I like Ransom (fit muscled jock!) but Noah is a pretty good cock sucker too. He really gets into it in this video and obviously he does the job to get that cum splashed over his face 🙂

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