How far will straight guy Emile go with Noah Riley?

Noah Riley shows straight man Emile how to suck cock at Chaos MenI love servicing and massage videos, especially when there’s a straight guy sharing some cock and cum with an eager dude ready to fully please his buddy. That’s the deal with this recent scene featuring Emile and Noah Riley, I think you guys are gonna get off on this!

See more straight men sucking dick for the first time on video at Chaos MenTitle: Emile & Noah Riley Serviced

So Emile was on the site a little while ago jerking on his cock and pumping out a big load of thick white cum for the members, and he said back then that he’s fooled around with dudes a couple of times when he was drunk or stoned.

That seems to be pretty common I guess. There are a lot of guys out there who consider themselves to be straight but when they’re a little buzzed they’ll get that cock out for some light relief. I need more straight guys like that in my life!

So Noah Riley is perhaps the perfect guy to give this dude a massage and give him that awesome servicing experience, and without any intoxication too.

The massaging starts with some ass rubbing, and when Noah gets that ass up in the air his mouth is between those cheeks as he milks the guys cock for him.

That has Emile wanting more, and once on his back with his boner being wanked and sucked he starts to explore the bulge in Noah’s shorts. I love seeing that, he’s clearly interested a little in what another guys cock feels like, and although he’s a little more hesitant when Noah releases his dick for some direct handling he soon gets into jacking him off.

When Noah gets up on the table and lowers his own cock in Emile’s face he’s soon sucking on it too. It’s totally hot to watch him suckling on that dick while his own is getting gobbled, and his own boner is rock hard and drooling in Noah’s mouth too – he seems to like the taste of dick!

The frott is awesome too, with Emile grabbing both their dicks and wanking them together. No wonder both these guys are soon ready to cum.

Emile feeds Noah his hot load, making a really hot mess that seems to have Noah ready to bust his own nutt all over his straight friend as he jacks himself off, then licks up his own semen from Emile’s body.

I think this means Emile is gonna be back for a lot more after this. He clearly had a lot of fun and discovered that sharing cock with other guys isn’t just convenient when high or drunk, but fucking horny as hell when sober too 🙂

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