Gay for pay hunk Caspar gets his hole stretched in a raw flip flop

    You know. when a really fucking hot straight muscle man arrives in porn for a site like this one I always expect that he won’t be doing much with other dudes. Boy was I wrong with this gay for pay hunk!

    Gay for pay men flip flop barebackVideo title: Caspar & Vander RAW

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    First, I’m calling him a gay for pay hunk because that’s what he is and I don’t think it’s a derogatory term at all. I really get off on seeing guys who consider themselves straight enjoying dick with other dudes. I thought I’d better get that in there before the comments of “stealing our jobs!” and “he’s just in denial!” 🙂

    I’m talking about Caspar, the handsome bodybuilder/personal trainer/physical therapist who started out there jacking off, then came back to be edged, then took a cock up his ass.

    I have to admit that he’s the kind of guy I see at the gym and I instantly want to fuck, or get fucked by, or at least suck off, but then I pussy out because I imagine him snapping me like a twig – either right there when I suggest it, or later in the bedroom.

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    He’s been back several times since then to get his hole stuffed with raw dick and pound the cum out of other dudes, and now it’s gorgeous Vander’s turn.

    This video is really fucking hot, with greedy mutual sucking, hole licking, flip flop fucking and some real rough action. The sight of Caspar taking that thick cock in his tight hole is awesome, and you know what? He doesn’t seem to hate it. Then again, this guy is into BDSM with his ladies, so maybe it’s more about being owned and controlled for him.

    The finish for this one is great for the cum lovers out there. Vander cums all over Caspar’s hole, dunking his sticky dick back in that ass and then licking his own cream out of him while Caspar shoots his wad.

    Check out some of the pics.

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