I can’t believe he went so far with another man for the first time

We knew this gay for pay guy was about to get a lot more wild in his return video, but I didn’t expect it to be this thorough!

Straight guy and bi guy together in gay porn

Video title: Nicholas Duff & Timmy RAW

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Nicholas Duff was supposed to come back for a blowjob, but apparently when they called up Timmy and asked him about sucking the cum out of the guy and giving him his first experience he was a little more interested in fucking him and stealing the straight guy’s cherry.

Timmy is definitely more of a top, but when he was told that he might get the chance to ride that straight dick he was suddenly down for it.

But, would new straight guy Nicholas be down for more than a dick sucking from a dude for the first time?

As it turns out, yeah!

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Right from the start you can see Nicholas is interested, checking out that cock, his own boner throbbing with excitement as he gets the chance to feel another guys hand around his meat. His cock only gets harder when he feels Timmy’s big dick for the first time.

This is one of those instance where you can almost see the light bulb flicking on over his head, and that only continues when Timmy sucks his big cock, and when he gets his lips around a dick for the first time.

The cock frotting and mutual sucking these guys share just makes his dick throb even harder, you can totally see he’s loving every moment of it and now that he’s had his first feel and taste of another guy’s dick he’s unlikely to go back to being just another vanilla straight dude.

Obviously, they go a lot further than jerking and sucking. Soon enough Nicholas is lapping at that pucker, then sliding his naked cock into Timmy and fucking him all over the bed.

I love the shots from beneath, with his raging stiffy thrusting in and out of that tight hole and clearly enjoying every moment of it.

If you need any final proof that this gay for pay guy really enjoyed himself, check out the load he spews all over Timmy’s hole after he’s made the guy blast his own cream out!

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  2. Aaron95

    I knew Nicholas was gonna be a good one to watch but I wasn’t expecting him to go this far either. I love he start of the video where you can see him checking out that dick and he obviously wants to feel it. Watching him sucking for the first time and clearly loving it is awesome too. A great video with great loads at the end!


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