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straight guy hand job with Troy at BuzzwestI was a little disappointed that the images for this shoot didn’t really show this boys big balls too much, but I thought you guys would enjoy it anyway. It’s always hot to see a “curious” young dude having his cock stroked for him, right? This is a really hot shoot and definitely worth checking out.

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So, let me start off by saying that the BuzzWest site itself is dead, but I’ve found all of their scenes from the site on DVD’s released by them, and they’re fucking cheap. So, rather than waste good straight guy hand job video posts like this I’ve been working through them today and giving you guys links to the DVD you can download.

Believe me, I have a lot of these already and they are definitely worth it for the price you pay to own them.

Young Troy doesn’t know if he’s into cock or not. Actually I guess that should be clarified… he does get off on some cock to cock play, but he doesn’t know if he’s bisexual or not. Personally, I think he’s just one of those straight guys who has a fetish for hard cock!

He’s having his own meat played with for this shoot as he lays back and gets a great massage, with a hot and sticky happy ending too! The dude is so into it, and his cock gets hard real quick at the thought of having his dick stroked for him. He lays back and really enjoys it as his solid pole is stroked for him, with those delicious low-hangers laying there like fleshy wrinkled pillows.

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