Straight Guys Wanking Together

    broke straight boys liam and ross wankingAll you guys know what I think about straight guys and their secret love of cock. I really think that it’s probably the biggest fetish for guys. We all love to wank, and I think even straight guys get off on watching other dude wanking themselves off to a hot cum load. I guess that’s kinda proven in this latest video, with two straight guys wanking together and shooting their loads!

    MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1Liam Corolla is the sunburnt guy on the right in this one, with sexy straight boy Ross Tays leading him astray and teaching him what it feels like to have another guy wanking him off, and what another guys throbbing cock feels like.

    This is one of those rare videos that is all about straight guys wanking together and getting their new friend off, and both of them seem to really enjoy it id their hard dicks are any indication!

    Although Ross is definitely not new to feeling another guys dick (this straight boy has done plenty more than that on the site already) this is the first time Liam has done anything with another guy.

    They start off reaching into their own boxer shorts and playing with their pricks side by side, but Ross is soon eager to get a feel of another guys shaft and reaches over, sliding his hand in.

    Liam might be straight too, but he knows how to give as good as he gets, and he’s quickly taking that prompt and reaching in to get his first feel of another guys cock meat too.

    Both boys are rock hard when they release those dicks for the other to see, and you can tell they both get off on seeing all that cock and their hand wrapped around it.

    I really get off on watching straight guys wanking together, and I had to hold my cum back as they slicked up those cocks with lube and spent the whole session jerking each other off.

    But me edging was definitely worth it when Ross announces that he’s gonna cum, and Liam just keeps on stroking as his messy cum load erupts all over his fist, slicking up the straight guys cock with his own load and making it shiny and slippery with his ball juice.

    Then it’s Liam’s turn as he lays back and gives up control of his own meat for Ross to wank off to a cum load, again making a slick and sticky mess!

    I don’t think this is the last time we’re gonna see these straight guys wanking together, or wanking other guys off. And if you know about what they do on the Broke Straight Boys site, I think we can expect to see straight boy Liam tasting his first hard cock in the next visit!

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