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Andy Lee and His Best Buddy!

Republished July 8th 2017 due to popularity

straight mates Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan wankingIrish stud Andy Lee has invited his buddy Bailey Morgan along for a duo cock stroking session, and it’s hotter than the hottest straight guy wank scene you have ever had the opportunity to watch before! I don’t care what you guys say, seeing these two wanking their cocks together and comparing their dicks is hot as hell.

MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1These guys are both straight, and they’re both beefy. No doubt they’ve seen each other naked a few times being gym buddies, but watching them get naked and taking immediate looks at the others dick is really hot. There’s no denying most straight guys love the look of a nice cock and get plenty of glances when they have the chance.

When they sit back and start jerking, the stares continue as each dude gets a good look at his buddies cock, I love some friendly cock comparisons like that, then they slide those shafts into their fleshjack toys and really get into it. jerking off right there beside their straight buddy.

Andy: Your dick is the shape of a banana.

Bailey: Yeah, and yours is the shape of a tree trunk.

Andy Lee is so incredibly hung, with a great foreskin too. And that meat is so thick and juicy I just want to see Bailey suck on it! Yeah I know that’s never gonna happen, but you try watching this and not thinking what it would be like if they offered to suck each other, just for shits and giggles.

Seeing Bailey have his great cock swallowed by Andy would be equally hot. We know that’s not on the menu for either of these guys, but still it’s so horny to see these guys watching each other enjoying their dicks like this. You can kind of tell as these guys slip their dicks into those fleshjack toys that they possibly want to grab a feel of each other (or maybe that’s all just my wishful thinking lol). They just keep watching their buddy all the time, seeing how they work their shaft. I guess most straight guys would be the same wanking with a mate though, I know a lot of the straight guys I’ve wanked with over the years have been pretty interested in seeing my dick being stroked.

And the finale is one of those classic Andy Lee Cumming shots, where he spurts and spurts that load everywhere!

The only thing that could make this scene better is if the guys lent each other a hand and wanked the other guy off. Okay, maybe sucking and fucking would be hotter for the rest of you, but as a massive fan of seeing straight guys jerking each other that would have me unloading my balls within moments!

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Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 1

Andy and Bailey settle into their shared wank

Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 2

Andy Lee proudly shows off his long and thick uncut cock

Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 3

Bailey’s rock hard cock is slick with lube

Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 4

Just two horny straight mates enjoying some porn and a wank

Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 5

Eye contact might be a little awkward when you’re enjoying a jack off with a friend

Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 6

Slippery and slick, Baileys cock glistens as he releases it from the fleshjack

Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 7

Andy and Bailey hump their fleshjack toys until they can feel those cum loads rising

Andy Lee and His Best Buddy 8

After shooting their cum loads together and making a mess, Andy and Bailey show off their sticky cocks, feeling satisfied!

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