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Muscle guys Kris Evans and Zac DeHaan in a mutual wanking video

I know it’s been a long time since I shared some of the awesome action from Bel Ami Online, but when I saw this mutual wanking video I knew my interest had been rekindled.

Zac DeHaan and Kris Evans at Bel AmiHandsome muscle hunk Kris Evans has always been a fave of mine, I love seeing his big uncut cock in action and those massive cum squirting loads firing off. The chance to see him just enjoying a good long wank with a guy like Zac DeHaan was too good to miss out on.

The guys show off outside, flashing their big hooded dicks for each other and enjoying the sun, then they head indoors where the action really heats up.

I know a lot of you guys love to see some simple mutual wanking in a video and watching these guys grabbing those big cocks and stroking each other toward a massive cum spurting finish is likely to have you all wishing you were there to add your own cock and cum load to the party.

I think I’m gonna be adding a lot more of their scenes to the site from now on. I’m not sure why I started falling behind with their guys, they’re so fucking hot it’s ridiculous.

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