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WTF is wrong with the photographer at Active Duty?

Yeah, this needed a post all of its own.

First, let me clarify that I love the Active Duty site. For years I’ve enjoyed watching those military guys stroking their cocks, teaming up with other guys for the first time to jerk each other and suck some dick, and of course all the fucking and cum shooting they get up to.

They’ve always been good at delivering some hot young men in some great scenes.

But, for the last two solo jack off videos the site has been seemingly taking their still images using a toaster, and it seems the person taking them is blind.

To make it even more remarkable they seem to be selecting the worst images from that useless shoot to give out as promo material too.

Surely not every pic taken of these guys in a shoot is going to make them look like a moron, but they seem to be the images they’re choosing to give out.

If I were either of these guys I would be fucking pissed!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for diversity in the workplace, but having a blind man take your photos, and then having an idiot select the worst ones to promote your content isn’t exactly common sense.

Lets forget for a moment that this is just really bad image making and incredibly bad promotion of your content, and just for a second consider the poor guys being shown in such a horrible way.

I once had a friend post a pic of me on Facebook from when I was 18 looking like a complete twat. And I mean dribbling, clapping, “Hey you guuuuuys!” moron kind of pic. I was damn pissed. Imagine how these guys feel after daring to get their dick out for a performance and then seeing THESE photos being used to represent them!

This is their career. These guys are presumably hoping to make more porn in the future, and putting out atrocious images like this is not just doing your own business damage it’s fucking up their prospects too. Not only are the fans going to look at these pics and instantly lose interest in watching the video, but they’re going to lose interest in the guy, and then comment like bitches about him too.

Come on now, we all know gay porn fans can be some of the meanest bitches on Earth.

Then other prospective employers might see those pics and those comments and pass them up for a shoot too.

Dear Active Duty, for the next solo shoot please go out into the street and grab a complete stranger with an iPhone, pay them $50 to come in and take these still shots for you, because I can guarantee they would do a better job than whoever it is currently taking these photos.

Hey, maybe then you won’t start finding it harder and harder to get guys to come in and feature in a video. Believe me, if I were a dude looking to make porn and I saw the photos you’re putting out there of these guys I would be heading to Sean Cody.

wet muscle cock

“Tell me, what do you think of the search for the Higgs Boson particle and do you think it has the potential to drastically change our understanding of the universe?”

cock stroking on video

“Okay, I changed my camera settings to make you like like we’re in 1993. Now look off into the distance and tell me the square root of 1879, and please try to look as moronic as possible”


“Hang on a second while I get you in focus… hang on… erm… wait… almost there…. just one moment… arrr… almost got it…. ah fuck it”

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  1. Aaron Scott

    Love it. I also agree. AD is a favorite of mine it’s a shame.

    1. Dick (Post author)

      It really is a shame, loved their action for years but it seems all the good sites are being bought by the bigger porn companies and then being ran into the ground. I really don’t get the lack of quality for AD though, it almost seems deliberate to me. Anyone who can press a button on a camera could deliver better images than that, there’s really no excuse for it.

    2. ezra.jones

      lol who’s that in your avatar.

      1. Dick (Post author)

        I’m afraid that information is top secret 🙂

  2. james_leland

    In total agreement with you about the current very poor quality of photos on AD. Just yesterday morning, I mentioned on another blog that I recently came across a new Tumblr blog at [link removed] where they have all the AD photos but are all marked [link removed]. There’s often a link to a [link removed] website that says “coming soon” and another link to view some videos at a pay-per-view website. The person (Maj. Wood) who has the Tumblr blog says that he recruited models, and provided photos & videos to several “military-niche” websites over the past 15 yrs. He’s apparently the photographer AD used for many years from looking at all the amazing photos on his blog. Why isn’t he still doing the photos for them? Did he get bumped when AD got sold? Is he starting up his own website? I wonder what’s going on here? We devoted Dog Tag chasers need to know!

    1. Dick (Post author)

      That is an interesting twist on things, I think it’s obvious that he’s definitely not providing the photography for them any more. I guess he must have moved on, and I’m guessing it’s another one of those instances where a smaller business is sold to one of the porn giants and it immediately starts to change – cost cutting, lower quality, lesser models… Sadly this doesn’t usually work very well and the site declines until it becomes stagnant. Remember Fratmen and SCM? Both massive brands in the gay porn business for years, until the quality started to decline and members started leaving. Now SCM is deader than a dead thing and Frat is going in the same direction. I really hope I’m wrong, but I think AD is probably going the same way.

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