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New dude David Prime impresses us with a big cum shot!

Title: David Prime

david-prime-big-cum-shot-active-dutyIf you enjoy a big cum shot to finish a horny cock stroke then you’re gonna love this new straight guy showing off on video for the first time.

MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1Guys, check out David Prime, a handsome and fit dude with a fucking hot body and a great rock hard cock to stroke on video for the first time.GAY-PORN-SITE-REVIEW-142x142

This guy is just starting out, but I can predict we’re going to be seeing quite a lot of this guy after this solo introduction.

He starts out a little nervous, but with his dick out and thickening up he soon gets into his stroking, showing it all off for us as the camera gets right in there. Check out those nuts!

With his dick aching for release he finally leans back and lets the cum fly, and what a fucking hot load he delivers too!

His load splashes out all over himself, even hitting his chin 🙂

It’s gonna be great seeing him experiencing some cock fun with another guy for the first time on video, I can imagine he’s going to deliver another big cum shot and impress whoever it is getting the chance to enjoy that dick!

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