Straight Guy Sucks Married Buddy!

I showed some pics from the last shoot these buddies did over at the Straight Fraternity site when they got their cocks out together and jerked off to porn. Although that was just a side-by-side cock stroking session, Frank and Garrett really took things to a whole other level for this shoot as hot Garrett gets a taste of his married buddy’s cock!

click-for-moreThe two straight friends start off by stripping each other, with their dicks already thickening up and getting hard. Garrett is soon heading down and getting his first taste of delicious cock, and he really seems to like the taste too! Check it out as he strokes himself while he sucks that straight dude dick, his own meat hard and his cum load building as his cock head oozes precum.

It seems they skipped the chance to stroke each other off entirely and got straight to the dick sucking, not that I mind seeing a couple of good friends like these two enjoying something pretty fucking hot together.

You just know these guys had a lot more cock fun with each other after this. I bet their women were pissed knowing their guys were having more fun with each others cock than their pussies! lol

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