Straight Guy Jerking Off – Tom At Straight Fraternity {VIDEO}

I had to get some pics of this hot video on the blog after watching this straight guy jerking off. Tom is a biker, and he totally reminds me of this guy I stroke my cock with now. They both have some sexy ink, and they both have pretty long and juicy hard cocks that they love to slide their hands along.

Images courtesy of Straight Fraternity

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Images courtesy of Straight Fraternity

So Tom might be straight, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem playing with his cock for the members over on Straight Fraternity. I love how they always seem to find some average straight men and persuade them to stroke the cum from their nuts – and more of course – in front of the cameras!

As I mentioned, watching this straight guy jerking off totally makes me think about this guy I started jacking with in the last few months. I met the guy at the gym, where I actually meet a lot of the guys I end up jerking off with. The guy is totally straight, or at least he was. He’d never done anything with another guy before we ended up watching some pussy porn and stroking our dicks together the first time.

Since then he’s been back every week, and it wasn’t too long before we tried swapping hands. He was a little reluctant about it at first, but I’d been watching the straight guy jerking off and seeing how he took sneaky glimpses of my dick as I stroked it, and he always watched my cock squirting my cum load all over my abs when I blasted it out.

So one night I just asked him if he’d ever had another guy stroke his dick before. He told me he’d never even done what we were doing before. But then he asked me, and I told him about a guy I used to stroke a long time ago. I didn’t make it obvious that I jerk off with a lot of guys now, and after a little silence and continued stroking he said “you can stroke mine if you like”. I leaned in and felt his long cock for the first time, slippery and throbbing in my grip.

After watching the straight guy jerking off a few times and knowing how much attention he paid to my cum load, I knew he’d give up his hand for me, and when I let go of mine and paid attention to his cock completely he reached over and slid his fist along my cock too.

We’re pretty good buddies now, and we go out a couple of times a month to the bars and clubs. But our shared wanking is a little secret extra fun we have every week, with a new pussy porn movie and plenty of lube, we make each other cum so hard it splashes out all over the place!

Check out the video of Tom jerking off and dumping his cum load for the first time, and be aware that they’ll probably have this guy back on the site soon to test him out with some other guys dick. I love it when they get their straight guys sharing their cocks with each other for the first time!

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