Straight Best Buddies Jerking off


These two college guys are both 22 years old and they are best buddies at college. Kyle and Cory need some extra money for their spring break trip to Mexico, and to have a good party, plenty of cash is gonna be needed right?

So what better way to make that money than to spend an hour or two jerking off? The only thing is, they have to do it together, and on camera for thousands of other guys to watch!

Kyle is the tanned guy on the left, and has a great beefy body. But his buddy Cory is just as hot with that red hair and his pale muscular frame.

These guys have hardly seen each other naked, but now they’re gonna get to see their best buddy’s cock rock hard and being stroked. They even have to watch as each dick squirts a hot cum load.

Check out those really hot “secretive” gazes as each guy check out his mates dick. It’s so hot to see a straight guy getting a little curious, and I’ve always believed that a hard cock in the room is always gonna get some horny peeking, even if the guys looking are straight. They just love to see dick, even if they don’t all admit it!

Cory was the first to shoot his cum load, but Kyle eventually got there too (maybe it was the smell of delicious jizz filling the room that took him over the edge?)

Lets hoe these guys come back to make some more cash soon, and maybe they’ll get greedy and use the cash as an excuse to taste some dick too?

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