Best Buddies Jerk and Suck

AJ is one of the really cute boys over at StraightFraternity, and he quickly became one of the really popular boys there. So for this shoot he’s brought along his best buddy Jasper. Maybe he’s wanted to get a taste of that cock for a while?

As soon as they get started you can see there’s some tension between them, and they spend quite a lot of time looking at each others dicks when they’re completely naked. They move in for a little kissing and you can see they’re kind of nervous, but being so close and having those big floppy dick bumping up against each other they’re soon filling out and getting hard!

Surprisingly, Jasper took the lead in his first appearance and started sucking first. He worked over his buddy’s dick real good too, sucking as much as he could and getting a really good mouthful of hard cock. The AJ returned the sucking before they got into a sexy mutual sucking 69 session!

They really got into it too, hungrily slurping on each other until both were really close to squirting their cum loads!

Jasper took the lead again, shooting a heavy jizz load all over himself while AJ helped him with a jerking hand. But then it was AJ’s turn to unload and boy did he! He was almost screaming with ecstasy as Jasper sucked his dick and stroked it until his creamy cum load was firing off all over the place!




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