Dec 31

From the Archives – Seth and his MASSIVE LOW HANGING NUTS!

seth has huge saggy balls
setch has massive ballsstraight seth displays his cock and big ballsseth's hard cock and big ballssaeth has a big cock and low hanging balls, and a big cum loadSeth is one of the hot guys from the archives of SeanCody.com. This hot straight guy is everything; he”s gorgeous, built, hung and has a massive pair of saggy low-hangers that any self-respecting gay guy would love to have bouncing against his face while he sucks on that cut pole!

And what a great cum load too! Not only would he choke you with that massive meat and smother you with that loose sac, he’s drown you in his gigantic cum load!


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  1. Craigy

    I remember him over at Sean Cody, I think I signed up with them just to watch that vid!
    Might have to join again and download that video!

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