May 03

Huge Gay Cum Shooting

It’s another great shoot from MassageBait, and this hot and sexy young guy has booked an appointment to experience the expert hands of the hot and hung muscled dude with the massive cum load. Do you think he’s prepared for the deep massage he’s gonna get?

Muscle Cock MassageAfter climbing on the table and having a bit of that muscle worked over this dude’s dick is soon starting to throb and our expert finds it and starts to work on that too! He garbs that cock as it starts to get rock hard, stroking it and getting it slippery with oil for a great jerk off.

Our pro has a few tricks up his sleeve this time though, and he’s brought along a fleshjack. You know what that toy feels like as it slides over your cock don’t you? It’s incredible, and after just a couple of strokes with that fleshjack the dude is rock hard.

He’s so horny after that cock stroking that he doesn’t argue when a massive fat dick slides into his mouth for a good suck. He does his best to taste all those inches but it’s so thick he can hardly manage!

But that’s not a problem, because he has a nice tight hole that this muscle dude can use instead, and he heads down to slide that meaty cock into the dudes ass for a really hot ride.

He fucks the guys hole really hard, but he can’t do it for long because it’s so tight it makes him want to explode! And that’s exactly what he does when he pulls out, squirting his huge load of fresh cum all over the dude and totally hosing him down with his jizz!


Jerked with a Fleshjack


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  1. Tom Wood

    looks legit!

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