Jocks Jerking Off Together At Frat Men

NOTE: The Frat brand is pretty much dead in the water right now. Their treatment of customers and affiliates over the last few years has been increasingly bad, so I won’t be linking to them or promoting their sites to you guys. Buyers BEWARE.

Oh man, when it comes to guys jerking off together, this has to be one of the sexiest shoots I’ve seen for a while! These two jocks are pretty good buddies over on the Frat Men site, and I guess they’ve seen each others dicks plenty of times before. But watching two straight jocks jerking off together like this is definitely enough to have me stroking my cock along with them!

Images courtesy of Frat Men

Jocks Jerking Off (1) Jocks Jerking Off (2) Jocks Jerking Off (3) Jocks Jerking Off (4) Jocks Jerking Off (5) Jocks Jerking Off (6) Jocks Jerking Off (7) Jocks Jerking Off (8) Jocks Jerking Off (9)

Images courtesy of Frat Men

This is Clayton and Ford, two of their really hot young muscle jocks. They’re spending some time just hanging out together, and when these boys hang out they really HANG OUT!

They share a hot shower, their thick muscle jock cocks thickening up and getting hard as they show them off for their buddy. I love how they seem to be comparing their dicks in these pics before they head out to the bed and grab their shafts for some proper side-by-side jerking off, beating their meat and watching each other as they slide their hands along those thick and hard shafts of jock cock.

Oh, I would love to be a third in this shoot, watching them both jerking off together and stroking my dick for them to enjoy too, all three of us shooting our hot cum loads out over ourselves before heading back into the shower – and probably getting hard to shoot some more all over again 😉


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