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Title: Hunky Straight Favourites Rich & Tyler Playing Marine Games!

Tyler Hirst and Rich Wills sucking cock at English LadsI love videos like this one. Both these uncut straight guys are pretty new to hardcore gay porn, but Tyler Hirst (the bigger dude) has done a lot more than the handsome straight guy Rich Wills. But that’s all about to change as Rich gets his first feel of another guy’s uncut shaft!

click-for-reviewSo far we’ve seen Tyler Hirst sharing his cock with other dudes for the first time in a couple of videos, starting off wanking himself, then getting his cock stroked, then sucked, then sucking his first cock and even fucking some hot ass too. He’s really got into it all, and it’s pretty surprising considering he’s a former Royal Marine!

It does make you wonder what he might have experienced before with all those guys in the military doesn’t it?

3 straight guys wanking and suckingHe’s pretty comfortable handling cock these days, and he’s the perfect choice for getting another uncut straight guy’s cock hard and wet and shooting a load.

Rich Wills has wanked himself off in his first shoot, then come back to get his cock jerked for him by another guy. But this is the first time he’s ever handled another guys cock.

They start off with some playful comparisons, lifting each other and fooling around. But Tyler Hirst heads down to suck that uncut straight guy’s shaft and it’s rock solid and oozing precum.

Rich ha an impressive uncut cock, and any one of us would love to suck on that thing!

The guys get a little closer, and then it’s time for the straight virgin to get a feel of Tyler’s big uncut dick. They jerk each other, and Rich is still rock hard and seemingly enjoying the feel of that stiff prick in his hand, however much he might look like he’s not into it – the hard cock doesn’t lie!

Kicking back on the couch Tyler Hirst really gets sucking on that uncut straight guy’s solid shaft, wanking himself off as he licks and sucks on the head and works his way down a lot of the shaft. For a straight guy, he’s really learned a few skills when it comes to gobbling dick!

And then it’s time for the mutual wanking.

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“RichRich Wills is back!

It’s been far too long since we last enjoyed the sight of handsome straight guy Rich Wills and his long uncut cock! He’s come back for some more fun in a new video, getting his long intact dick out with a new straight boy and rubbing their cocks together, wanking each other off and shooting a pretty impressive shower of hot straight guy cum all over himself! We hope there’s more to come from this guy! See More

I love this in a video, with both straight guys leaning back and wanking each other off, enjoying the feel of their new buddy’s solid dick in their hand.

Rich Wills is the first to cum, with Tyler jerking the cum from his cock and getting a thick warm load all over his hand. Then he sits back on the carpet and furiously wanks himself off to a hot load too.

Two uncut straight guys, two hard cocks, plenty of sucking and wanking and two very satisfied dicks leaking cum at the end, what is better than that!? lol

2 straight jocks wrestling on video

Tyler Hirst and Rich Wills at Englishlads

2 naked uncut straight guys showing their asses

2 uncut straight guys playing in a wank and suck video

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