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Mikey Benjamin at English LadsI love to watch a hot straight boy wanking the cum from his cock, and it’s especially hot when that straight boy wanking has a tasty foreskin over the end of his man meat too! Mikey Benjamin is one of the latest additions, and one definitely worth watching!

click-for-reviewThis straight lad has an awesome body, built from his work as a personal trainer. If all personal trainers looked like him I would be a member of so many of my local gyms, needing guidance from all of them lol

So I guess some of you might know what they do on the site. They usually get a gorgeous straight boy wanking himself off in his first video, then have him come back and have his cock stroked by another dude for the first time. They seem to enjoy that experience, because almost all of them come back again to have their meat sucked too.

Then some of them go on to wanking another boy off, tasting cock for the first time and even fucking another lads ass too.

Watching this straight boy wanking the load from his balls has already had my cock unloading twice now, but thinking about this lad touching another dudes boner for the first time and the idea of him sucking cock is what really has me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see if he comes back again for more like so many of their other straight guys have!

Straight Boy Wanking Uncut Cock (1)

Straight Boy Wanking Uncut Cock (2)

Straight Boy Wanking Uncut Cock (3)

Straight Boy Wanking Uncut Cock (4)

Straight Boy Wanking Uncut Cock (5)

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