Straight Boy Wanked – Shane Wilson Gets Jerked Off At English Lads

Shane Wilson and Dan Broughton at English LadsSeeing a straight boy wanked for the first time on video is always going to be really horny to watch, in my opinion. But it’s even sexier when it’s the very first thing a straight lad has ever done with another boy. That’s the deal with Shane Wilson, appearing for the first time and jumping right into the action with horny gay guy Dan Broughton.

click-for-reviewI’m gonna assume that a few of you have had at least one straight guy you’ve wanked off and made cum. I’ve made it a central part of my sex life 😉

But I have never met a straight guy who was willing to let you grab his cock and jerk him off on the very first meeting. All of the straight guys I’ve ever jerked off have needed a little easing into it. It usually starts with some porn watching after some drink or smoking, and each of us eases out our dicks and gets to wanking solo, sneaking peeks at the other guys shaft and maybe commenting on his cock.

Then, it can take one or two more solo wanking sessions before you can really break the ice and suggest helping each other out a little. Some straight guys will just let you jerk them off and never touch your cock, but plenty of them are so turned on at the sight of another hard cock right there next to them they have to feel it in their hand.

But the straight boy wanked off here is not like that. You can tell he’s nervous about it all, but when Dan Broughton eases out the boys uncut cock and starts working it it seems he has just too much cum in his balls to feel too awkward about it!

Seeing this straight boy wanked and made to cum all over his abs is really hot, and watching that foreskin sliding back and forth over the head as Dan Broughton strokes him is almost enough to have my dick squirting before he shoots. But I have to wonder how hard it was for horny Dan in this one, not just leaning in and licking the precum from that straight boys cock and then sucking it down.

The straight boy wanked off in this video must have a lot more confidence than a lot of the other guys, because so many of them need to appear in a solo jerk off before they let another boy near their dick. But I guess Shane Wilson was just too horny, or maybe he just needed the cash quick?

Perhaps he’s wanted to have his hard cock stroked off by another guys hand for a while and just couldn’t get the opportunity before now?

Whatever it is, he’s jumped straight in at the deep end, and after watching this straight boy wanked to a cum load I’m pretty certain we’ll see him back on the English Lads site pretty soon, and probably feeling another guys warm and hard cock in his hands too!

I can’t wait!

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