Jerking off in the gym showers

So it seems to be a week of horny stories for me! I just came back from a drink at the pub with a couple of mates of mine (both straight) and I told them about the story of Donny Wright being arrested for breaking into a fire station and jerking off over the guys gear, and they had their own stories to tell me!

Gym shower jerk off

Both my mates are straight, but they had some of their own experiences that they wanted to share with me. One of them is a mechanic in a garage just outside of the city, and he told me about him and a colleague finding gay porn mags in the boot of one customers car and spending an hour going through them and laughing. No erection was admitted, but I have a feeling about him lol

My other mate told me about this guy wanking in the showers at the gym he goes to. He only saw him once, but it was clear that he was really going at it. Apparently this wasn’t just a hard cock getting a few too many washes, which my mate admitted to doing a couple of times (but he swears he never cum in the showers). The guy was full-on wanking his cock.

Both my mates admitted to stroking one out in some interesting places too. They’ve both wanked at work, they’ve both wanked with other guys when they were younger, and they’ve both tried wanking over gay porn at least once. It’s pretty funny considering both these guys are in relationships with women, and both are pretty big straight guys who work out. lol

Yep, I’m planning some shared wanking with those guys at the first chance I get. Now I know they’re pretty open about this stuff when they’ve had a few drinks I think I can at least get some cock stroking fun with both of them 😉

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