May 21

Straight Guys Mutual Stroking and Sucking!

It’s another great mutual cock stroking and sucking session over at StraightFraternity, with first time straight guy Bert and horny Nikko sharing their tasty dicks in this hardcore video!

1 Two Straight Guys Jerking Off Together

Hot and muscled straight guy Bert has never done anything more than touch another cock when he was younger, but after his first visit where he showed off his solo wanking skills, he’s come back to explore a little more – for cash of course!

He’s teamed up with horny Nikko for this great mutual jerking shoot that turns into a whole lot more. They start off getting naked and taking glances at each other as they sit beside each other and play with their delicious cocks, but soon Nikko is getting things started, leaning over to offer his stroking hand to the big straight hunk.

Bert really loves the feel of another guys stroking his cock, so he offers the same, getting his first feel of another guys hard cock in his grip. He stroke Nikko really well, paying a lot of attention to that dick in his hand as his own is worked over.

Then it’s time for him to feel what it’s like to have another guy swallowing his shaft as Nikko leans over and engulfs his shaft in his warm and wet mouth, sucking it hard. Bert is in heaven and curiosity soon gets the better of him. He takes his turn and gets his first taste of a cock as he swallows Nikko’s meat, and for his first time he does a pretty good job of slurping on that shaft!

Check it out as they continue to plop their hanging balls into mouths, swallow those inches and then stroke their cocks to a really messy cum shot finish!


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