Muscle Jock Jerking Off – Hayden Richards At College Dudes

Some guys were almost made to appear in porn, and I think this muscle jock is probably one of those that you could say has the perfect package for it! This guy actually reminds me of one of the muscle jock boys I see at my gym, and although I’ve seen that guys big floppy cock in the showers, I would love to see the jock jerking off like this dude does in this really horny video!

MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1The first thing that I need to point out is that they haven’t said whether Hayden Richards is straight or not. I know, they like to tease on the site. But whether he’s straight or not (and I have a strong feeling he is) they often get their straight muscle jock boys like him sucking cock and fucking some boy hole on the site when they come back after their jerking off debut.

This guy is one muscle jock I cannot wait to see sliding into a guys ass!

Hayden Richards comes across as confident and sexy, and really horny to get going too. You can tell that this dude knows how to pleasure his cock, and that he’s probably really turned on by the thought of all us horny guys out here stroking our cocks along to his show. Within minutes his muscle cock is rock solid, and I mean bending upward it’s so hard! He could probably break things with that tool! lol

Then he gets down to business, smiling and stroking his impressive shaft, cupping and caressing his hot cum-filled balls, tweaking his nipples and rubbing his muscles as his hand slides up and down that solid fuck stick.

He puts on such a horny show that I had to hold myself back from squirting my cum when he shows off his tight man hole, almost asking for someone to come along and slide their cock into him!

Then this muscle jock lays back and really pumps that meat, jerking off and then dumping his thick cum out all over his tight abs!

Check out this muscle jock jerking off over on the site, (this is the bit where I sell stuff! lol) and get a trial for $1 too (that would be 95p for all the Brits) it’s definitely worth it considering there are hundreds of videos of hot jock boys like him sucking and fucking. You’ll see why it’s one of my favorite sites when you get there! 😉

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