Straight Charlie Strokes Another Dude For the Frist Time

New straight hunk Charlie needs some cash to pay some bills so he arrived at BrokeStraightBoys to do a solo jerk off video. This 20 year old is a pretty hot dude, big and beefy. But although he is straight, he’s a little curious about how things work in porn, and he’s not ashamed to be stroking his cock for a load of guys to watch either.

MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1In contrast to his big build, Jayce has a lean and slim body. He was hanging around the studio at the time so they talk about bringing him in so the boys could do a side-by-side jerking session instead of Charlie flying solo.

They suggest some extra cash for Charlie to have his cock sucked by Jayce, but he isn’t down for that. He is really quite shocked at the idea, so they keep on plan and go for the stroking.

Charlie strips off first and shows off his muscled build, quickly followed by Jayce who is really quite slim in somparison. Back on the couch the boys start to watch the porn on the screen and both are soon kneeding the bulges in their shorts. And those shorts are soon gone as the need for hands on cocks becomes more urgent.

Charlie gets his dick rock hard pretty quick, stroking the length of his meat in his hand while the porn plays. He stands to show off his big dick in close up and the guy holding the camera can’t resist reaching out to get a nice feel of that shaft.

He sits back and is told to reach out and stroke Jayce. Charlie is a little surprised by the instruction but does as requested. He reaches over and touches another dudes dick for the first time! Jayce has no problem stroking another dudes dick and follows order with ease, returning the jerking for his new friend.

But, as he’s straight, Charlie starts to go soft so he soon has to gain control of his own dick and get back to watching the porn and wanking off.

Jayce is the first to reach the finale, announcing that he’s gonna cum. Seconds later he sprays a hot load of jizz up onto his chest and stomach. That smell of fresh jizz normally encourages other guys to squirt too, and straight lad Charlie is soon dumping his own load over his cock and dribbling it down his shaft to his balls!

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  1. Cheecy

    I love watching other straight guys playing with a dudes dick. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    1. Toby

      You are definitely not alone!


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