Mar 25

Wanking In The Football Showers – Locker Room Circle Jerk At Blake Mason

Okay guys, this has to be a fantasy for almost all of us here, and I’ll bet that more than a few of you have had events like this happen in your lives too. I used to be so distracted by all the hot and hung guys in the showers when I was younger, and I still get off on it now when I go to the gym and get the chance to admire some really amazing men with their big cocks flopping around on show, and the occasional boner springing to life too. I know there are a few stories about all the locker room circle jerk contests and group cock stroking that goes on with team mates, so after you check out the pics from this video on the Blake Mason site you can read more about the scene, and maybe leave me a comment too?

Images courtesy of Blake Mason

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Images courtesy of Blake Mason

Luke Desmond is the instigator of this locker room circle jerk at Blake Mason, and after all his other cock sharing escapades with the straight guys in the Blake Mason After Hours series I think this has to be one of the horniest videos in that collection.

Luke is one horny fucker, and he has one seriously long and uncut cock that he loves to get straight guys playing with. He’s hooked on getting straight guys unloading their balls, and when he tried to get a group cock stroking going on in the showers with all his horny straight teammates I don’t think he knew how awesome it would be!

It certainly doesn’t take a whole lot of persuasion to get all these straight guys sharing a locker room circle jerk, with the loser having to buy the rounds in the bar. Although that’s a pretty good incentive, I think these guys are just horny to see their buddies stroking cock and shooting their cum loads, they certainly pay quite a lot of attention to each other as their hands all slide along their stiff cocks and they wank themselves off to some really messy cum loads!

I don’t know how Luke Desmond manages it, but he wanks that hung uncut cock along with all those straight guys and doesn’t try to reach out and stroke any of his friends dicks. I’m not sure I could have been that strong. Seeing those guys all furiously beating their meat would have me wanting to help one or two of them out!

Can you imagine being in this locker room circle jerk and not being able to lend your buddy a hand and feel the hot and hard shaft in your grip? I know, it’s almost torture to be that close to another guys twitching cock and not being able to just slide your hand along the velvety soft skin, feeling that foreskin sliding back over he damp head, collecting the precum from the helmet and sliding it all over making it slippery with juice…

I’m not gonna tell you who wins this locker room circle jerk, but lets just say that every one of those straight guys emptied the cum from his balls and satisfies himself, with his teammates stroking their own hard cock and watching his dick throb as it pumps the cum load out all over the tiled floor.

It’s definitely one of the hottest videos on the Blake Mason site for me, but make sure you see some of their other shared wanking videos, because there are a few of them there to really make you cum hard and messy!



  1. strokeshow

    I had only one wank experience in the gym showers back in 2006 with a real muscle man who saw my cock get rock hard and just started troking his in front me. We just watched each other wanking and came together. It was cool but strange. He didn’t say anything, didn’t even look up at me just stared at my cock and wanked himself off cumming when I started to.

  2. Punk

    I had some great wanks with guys in showers and this takes me back to my days in the 90’s when the guys I used to hang out with were into shooting some cum together in the showers after a kick about. All it took was one cock getting hard (usually me or my mate Tony) and the wanking would start. I’ll never forget the time Tony aimed his cock at one of our other mates and squirted his cum on his leg. He freaked out, but he shot a big load too right after.

  3. cheapshag

    This is one of the horniest videos for wank fans. I’m a member there and I downloaded this one on the first day, and I still wank off to it now!

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